Sam plays piano

Another quick video at 9.9 months.


Sam Video at 9.5 months

A quick video showing the size of Sam;

Crawling Sam Cam – March 2011

A quick video of Sam, mainly with him whacking the table.

Sam has no threads

Quick video update.

All is well.

First plane ride.
First threadless shirt.
Eating us out of house and home.
Nearly crawling.

Six Months Sammy

A quick video of Sam at six months.

Blond hair.
Eating solids.
Sitting up.

Sam or Flipper?

Sam has taken to flipping over. All day long. He loves it.

The problem is he is doing it in bed. And getting his arm stuck down the side of the cot. Which he doesn’t like, and we don’t like.

I’m sure he’ll work it out.

Quick video saying hello;

Sam’s First Food [Videos]

As you can gather from my last post, Sam was ready for food.

We gathered in the kitchen, with video and DSLR cameras waiting for the facial expressions of Sam to yell;

“Wow mum and dad, that’s great, give me some more!”

As you can see from below, that didn’t quite happen…

Sam is 5 months old, and Hungry

OK, it’s been a while since we gave an update, we’ve been busy getting ready for holidays then having holidays.

In that time Sam has had his first Christmas, his first new years and has turned 5 months old. Wow.

Some things that have changed;

  1. He now chats away for much the day. Just baby babble, no words yet, but he’s a talker.
  2. He has fattened up, probably about 7.5 kilos now. Very happy about that.
  3. He’s been swimming. Well, he’s been in the pool a few times. He loves the bath but still not sure about a pool.

He’s also very clearly hungry. He watches us eat. He is ready. The big day is tomorrow for food.

Watch this space.

Sam Splashing Away

Sam is such a big boy he’s into the big bath.

And he loves to splash. His legs mainly.

4.4 and Feet

A quick video from Sam at about 4.4 months.

You may also get to see his feet.

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